What we do

Public Designers work collaboratively with each customer to create outstanding brands. We will blend your company values with modern innovative designs, for maximum impact in your market sector.

Digital design services can rapidly increase customer interaction, across a range of platforms, to optimise Return on Investment.


Brand Development, Design & Advertising

Digital branding is the tool which connects businesses and customers. The stronger the brand the stronger the connection. A good brand provides constant and consistent reminders of what a company can offer the customer.


UX / UI Design, Websites & Ecommerce

UX design delivers a well-developed and workable technical structure, so customers can easily connect with a business. UI design ensures optimum engagement by reflecting/responding to customer need. UX and UI design create connections and generate conversions.


Video production, Animation & Storytelling

Video production provides an effective and memorable way for businesses to share their customers stories. People speaking, first hand, about their experiences have a greater capacity to influence new customers than text alone.


PR, Campaigns & Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy will maximise your brand development and design investment. A plan will be drawn up (based upon research of relevant market sectors and target customer profiles) to repeatedly and strategically position your messaging towards prospective target customers.