New Borderline Logo Branding

Borderline Records Branding and Design


Started in 2010 by producer and DJ Activa

UK trance producer & DJ Robert James Stevenson more commonly know as DJ Activa launched his own label Borderline back in 2010. Borderline started releasing high quality underground trance music that filled a need for a style that had been lacking in recent years. To keep their image fresh Borderline Records approached Public Designers to provide new Branding and Design.


Borderline Records Branding and Design 1

Borderline Records Branding and Design 2

Borderline Records Branding and Design 3


Branding and Design

Public Designers were contacted by Borderline Records to provide Branding and Design. They needed a new logo and disc artwork, these were then used in their first series of releases. This design would serve as a template for subsequent releases, and would frame future artwork and provide a uniform look. The track names and release numbers could then be edited as the series progressed.

The design was developed by combining a variety of industrial themed pieces of artwork into a collage. this was then arranged into a circular composition that both embraces the psychedelic trance like nature of the music whilst also referencing the set up of a vinyl disc spinning on a set of turntables.

We provided a selection of options, ranging from a more minimalist approach of block colour that could be modified with each release, through to versions that included more gradient tones.