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Jorvik Radio Website and Branding


Love York, Love Jorvik Radio.

Jorvik Radio is a community focused FM radio station broadcasting from the heart of York. Founded in 2017, the team have progressed from their initial dream of a community focused radio project, to launching their FM station in a matter of just two years. The primary objective of the station was always to be inclusive of their listeners and their tastes, whether this be championing the local businesses, charities and events within the community, or as is to be expected with a radio station, playing great music. York is a city that’s always championed a wide range of genres within the live music scene and this eclecticism spills into what Jorvik Radio embrace as a station. A wide range of eclectic music styles, all brought to you by passionate and enthusiastic DJ’s. The key ingredients all being there to make a success of this venture now needed a complete branding and website design to make it a reality.


Public Designers and Jorvik Radio


To run in conjunction with Jorvik Radios studio output, Jorvik Radio and Public Designers collaborated on a website where listeners can tune in to hear the shows live through a pop up player whilst also being able to catch up on past shows and podcasts. Jorvik Radio is a community station so the ability to see what’s going on in their community through a calendar function was key, with the added ability of suggesting relevent events themselves via an online form that could be added to the calendar where appropriate.




Branding: The logo design was initially conceived from the idea of a vinyl record with the ‘J’ from Jorvik placed over like the needle on a turntable. To bring this forward into a more modern context the imagery became more CD like and made use of the spectrum of colour created on the surface of a disc. This then created the colour palette of predominantly blue and pink that filtered into the typography and the overall brand colours.

Print: We have also provided brochure material for Jorvik Radio as part of their advertising investment campaigns that link in with the overall brand design.

Website Design & Development: There are many radio stations both national and local in the digital age of radio, so finding a design aesthetic that worked functionally for the needs of a smaller sized station but had the style of something of a larger scale was an important part of the design development.

Public Designers and Jorvik Radio wanted to take the most important aspects of what matters to their station and push it to the forefront of the interface design. The main component firstly in this case is the diversity of quality music being played around the clock, this is displayed be incorporating the current songs album artwork into the top menu bar, whilst having a list of the five previous tracks with thumbnail images below. And secondly the ability to plan and organise events within the city of York for the community to help plan and attend through a calendar and application form function.

Along with presenter profiles and schedule lists, the site has been designed with an inverted colour pallet of white text on black and the use of just two other colours to keep things looking uniform and allowing the content to be the primary focus.


Creating a brand is hard, creating a brand that perfectly matches your identity is even harder, creating a brand that differs so considerably to the norm yet is incredibly well-received is nearly impossible; this is what Public Designers did for us.

We wanted to create a brand which explored edginess and passion, whilst staying true to the themes of music and locality with which our station is founded. Further to this, we wanted a website which was dynamic and mirrored the theme set out within the brand… all within a month – it’s fair to say it wasn’t an insignificant task to undertake, however the team at Public Designers worked tirelessly around the clock to get the work completed and did so to an extremely high level of quality.

We are incredibly proud of our website. We have had multiple comments from our listeners and potential advertising partners about how unique and exciting it is. The design is perfect and it is highly usable – I have seen so many people before have pretty websites which don’t work or vice-versa yet we are thrilled to say that Public Designers have delivered both, and have done so collaboratively, engaging with us entirely along the way to ensure our vision was delivered whilst working proactively to recommend potential areas to improve along the way.

I would gladly recommend Public Designers to anyone looking for something professional and truly unique.

Adam Coggin – Operations Director: Jorvik Radio


  To look at the finished Jorvik Radio website please follow the link here