Ebor Jetworks Logo

Responsibly Sourced, Certified Whitby Jet.


Handcrafted in Whitby.

Ebor Jetworks Jewellers is a shop and research base specialising in locally sourced Whitby Jet and located in a seventeenth Century property. This gem of a shop is run by professional gemmologist and geologist Sarah, with her husband David and son Lawrence. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and love for high standard jewellery grade Whitby Jet and demonstrate this through their exquisite jewellery which is handcrafted on site by them and other craftspeople to perfectly show off these lovely gemstones.


The brief

Crafting the brand

To update, modernise and improve the current brand, ecommerce website and digital profile of Whitby Jetworks incorporating elements which reflect the unique geological aspects to their business.


The design process

Ebor Jetworks Website and Branding

BrandTo create a unique logo brand design that encompasses all that is Whitby jet.  (whale bones, 3 snakes, history, ammonites)

 Website design & development (ecommerce): To create a standout website that both showcases the beautiful Photography of Ebor Jetworks Jewellery and specialist research. Whilst still functioning as an e-commerce shop.

MarketingThere is a requirement for a research feel to the site – to set Whitby Jetworks apart from other gem/jewellery shops in Whitby. Sarah is the only accredited geologist working in the area and this is what makes her products unique as they are genuine high quality, certified Whitby Jet products and not gemstone which look or feel like Jet.

The Brand



To see the finished Ebor Jetworks Website and Branding please follow the link here