Vet Partners websites and hosting




Home to some of the most trusted and respected veterinary practices.

Founded in November 2015, Vet Partners was established to set a first class service of quality and care by uniting surgeries across the country. Employing more than 4,600 staff members across over 400 sites in the UK. Vet Partners headquarters in York provides centralised support tailored to individual practice requirements in areas such as operations, HR, finance, IT, purchasing and marketing.


screenshot of border vets website on desktop


Vet Partners websites and hosting

Vet Partners is a long established client that originally contacted Public Designers for help with developing websites for their rapidly expanding list of practices. To this point Public Designers has now produced over 50 of these vet practice websites.

To make this achievable in the time scale required and also to give the websites a sense of uniformity, two templates were created. These templates could then be individually tailored to fit the surgeries brands with appropriate logo, photographs, maps and general content.


example of three vet partners sites on mobile

As well as completing the design and development of a large section of Vet Partners associated websites, Public Designers continues to provide hosting and maintenance services for these sites. Vet Partners have many other practices across the UK and Public Designers also offer their services by running audits to improve the stability of these websites. We have developed a great working relationship with Vet Partners and their affiliated partners and we are always happy to consult and advise were necessary to keep their business as efficient as possible.