Valhalla Logo Viking helmet white

Forging the Valhalla Brand with design and development


Where the brave shall live forever

The idea for Valhalla York began in early 2017.  A unique independent café and bar nestled in centre of the historic City of York near to the famous Shambles.

Business partners Matt Bedingham & Vincent Roberts engaged  Mike (Public Designers) right at the outset to help them in formulating a brand which authentically represented their vision of Valhalla. Little did the owners know at the time, but Mike’s work would go much broader than just a logo. Valhalla York celebrated their launch with a very successful and well attended launch party in the September of 2017.

The brief

To create the Valhalla Bar York website as a stand out, one of a kind brand representing Valhalla’s unique identity and offerings with historical accuracy to the Viking period (research culture, lore and mythology). To establish business aims, target customers and a plan to reach them quickly.


The design process

Several meetings early on with both partners established ideas and the design outline process.  Public Designers then undertook extensive research into the subjects to aid authentic designs.


  • – To be authentic and original
  • – To quickly engage customers
  • – To be highly memorable and representative of Valhalla’s vision

Business Strategy

  • – To share the importance of building the brand in relation to business strategy and vision
  • – Establish a trusting partnership on which to develop ideas and designs in line with the design process
  • – To make use of Public Designers extensive branding and design experience to set the brand above the other bars in York


User-focused, Mobile-first, Responsive

Throughout the user journey, with simplicity at the core of the user experience, we brought the site to life with rich visual content and delightful micro-interactions that inspire customers the longer they stay on the site.

Craft Ales


I cannot recommend Public Designers work enough. Their ability to listen, learn, understand and get under the skin of what branding you want as a client is exceptional.

Public Designers began by understanding both business partners and our ideas for Valhalla illustrating there ideas to us by way of conceptual art and storyboards and over the coming weeks – Valhalla York’s branding really began to take shape. What impressed me the most throughout this part of Public Designers work was their patience and ‘can do’ work ethic… Public Designers worked tirelessly until we had the branding the business deserved. It adorns the wall in Valhalla and has become not just ‘a logo’ or brand but a true character in itself. 

The branding for Valhalla, we think as do our customers is exceptional, unique and bold. So strong is the branding that its use has evolved into a number of avenues that we didn’t intend on the initial start-up of the business. Through peoples love of the branding on the back of staff tee shirts we have had to offer the tee shirts for regular sale to customers to meet demand. We have developed our own range of bottled beers and the strength of the branding is of great importance.

As the branding and indeed the business has evolved over the last year we have returned to Public Designers time and time again for their assistance and each time Public Designers have made it a pleasure. 

Matt Bedingham – Director: Valhalla

  To see the finished Valhalla York Bar website please follow the link here Next Case Study