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James Haigh offers a wide range of shoeing depending on the individual horse and also the type of work the Horse undertakes; Pleasure, Hunter, Racing, Competition, Endurance. In addition to these services, James also offers Corrective and Clinical Shoeing. James is an experienced Farrier with a wide and diverse client group.  Over recent years, he has undertaken many academic studies and developed several close working relationships with practices throughout Yorkshire, meaning Horse owners (pleasure or Business) can be assured that their horse receives the best treatment possible.

The Challenge

In order to continue to treat and work with as many Horses as possible (which is what James trained as and why he became a Farrier), James realised that he needed to make better use of technology to help him with the business side of being a Farrier.  This would ultimately save him time and money and allow him to treat more Horses per day/week.

The Brief

James approached Public Designers in 2017 to talk through these challenges. James and Public Designers worked closely together from the start to map out the functionality of this idea and planned the features that were essential to its success. It was during this stage that it became apparent that James was not the only Farrier who sought a tool to reduce time spent on the business administration side of running a business so that more time could be spent in his field of expertise – and so the idea grew to making not only a tool for James but one which could help many other Farriers facing similar challenges.

The following priorities were drawn up to address these challenges:

– To develop a software package to help reduce the administrative tasks associated with running a Farriery – finance, bookings, communications, securely capturing and storing customer information.

– A slick, smart and well designed website to build a reputable professional online presence.

The Benefits

Farrier Web – a Premium Farrier Software has been successful in its mission to provide its clients with; a dashboard showing any key financial and client information in one place,  client directory (vet contacts, horses and client details), tools for issuing and managing invoicing and expenses, a way to manage bookings, a place to receive client messages and make business announcements.


I contacted Public Designers in the early stages of developing FarrierWeb. Working with Public Designers ensured we had solid strategy and design process to take FarrierWeb from initial concept to market. James Haigh: Director – Farrier Web